Geology & Mineralization

The local geology of the Project is characterised by the presence of mafic and ultramafic rocks (metabasalts, metagabros, serpentinites and talc schists) with local intercalations of metathrondjemites as part of the Troia Unit, and also by medium to coarse-grained granite-orthogneisses, with a calcic-alcaline affinity with pegmatite injections and metaultramafic lenses belonging to Pedra Branca Unit.

The Pitombeiras vanadium mineralisation is associated with a large airborne magnetic anomaly identified by Anglo American Platinum Exploration in 2013. The geological features indicate that the vanadium mineralisation on Pitombeiras can be correlated with the VTM type deposits or ilmenite deposits associated with layered mafic intrusive complexes, such as the Bushveld Complex (South Africa), the Skaergard Intrusion (Greenland), Maracas Menchen (Brazil), Panzhihua layered intrusion (China), Kachkanar massif (Russia) and in the Windimurra Complex (Australia), which are the principal source of vanadium.

Analytic Signal map with the location of the selected targets